Honey Products

Mead Vinegar 

Vinegar is made, by taking an alcohol solution, such as mead, wine or beer and exposing it to oxygen. The alcohol in the solution still contains some chemical energy. Special bacteria called Acetobacter, are able to obtain a little bit of energy to survive by reacting oxygen with the alcohol and converting it to vinegar.

In our case we convert mead to vinegar. The vinegar is oaked to impart colour and complexity.

Mead Vinegar is an essential ingredient in the gourmets kitchen, lending subtle complexity to salad dressings, adding light fruity notes to fish dishes and rounding off marinades.

Honey Mead Mustard 

This mustard is made by mixing whole grain black mustard with freshly ground yellow mustard and mead vinegar, honey and salt. The product has a complex flavour and unlike other mass produced honey mustards on the market - Honey Sun honey mustard consists of 10% by volume honey, and the vinegar used to make it is also made from honey. It is not however sweet as the vinegar is not sweet.


Depending on the season a range of different unique honey types are available. These can be simple easy to recognize honey types such as Citrus or Lucerne, or the more unusual wild flower honey types such as Karroo Gold and Addo Delight. Karroo Gold is derived from a range of nectar sources such as thorn trees, wild flowers and succulent plants. Addo Delight on the other hand is derived from a mixture of lemon blossoms and valley thicket flowers - predominantly elephants ear - and has a rich caramel toffee flavour and dark red colour.

Honey Marmalade 

Honey is a healthy sugar source - hence making jam from honey confers the health giving properties on the jam, and thus makes it healthier than a conventional jam rich in sucrose. This jam is made according to a trusted 200 year old Karroo recipe adapted by our general manager, Mrs Eve Cambray. This marmalade provides a useful alternative to those wishing to exclude cane sugar from their diet.

Honey Jams

A range of jams made from seasonal fruits and honey. This includes Apricot, Plum, Cherry Guava, Kei Apple, Jacket Plum and Gwenya.

Gift Packs

Attractive wooden packages consisting of either two or three of the above gourmet products.



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